Block Coordinate Regularization by Denoising

Published in arXiv (cs.CV), 2019

Recommended citation: Y. Sun, J. Liu, and U. S. Kamilov, "Block Coordinate Regularization by Denoising" arXiv:1905.05113.


We consider the problem of estimating a vector from its noisy measurements using a prior specified only through a denoising function. Recent work on plug-and-play priors (PnP) and regularization-by-denoising (RED) has shown the state-of-the-art performance of estimators under such priors in a range of imaging tasks. In this work, we develop a new block coordinate RED algorithm that decomposes a large-scale estimation problem into a sequence of updates over a small subset of the unknown variables. We theoretically analyze the convergence of the algorithm and discuss its relationship to the traditional proximal optimization. Our analysis complements and extends recent theoretical results for RED-based estimation methods. We numerically validate our method using several denoiser priors, including those based on convolutional neural network (CNN) denoisers.

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Y. Sun, J. Liu, U. S. Kamilov, ‘Block Coordinate Regularization by Denoising’, arXiv:1905.05113.