Plug-In Stochastic Gradient Method

BASP 2019, 2018


Plug-and-play priors (PnP) is a popular framework forregularized signal reconstruction by using advanced denoisers within aniterative algorithm. In this paper, we discuss our recent online variantof PnP [1] that uses only a subset of measurements at every iteration,which makes it scalable to very large datasets. We additionally presentnovel convergence results for both batch and online PnP algorithms.

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Y. Sun, B. Wohlberg, and U. S. Kamilov, “Plug-In Stochastic Gradient Method,” Proc. International Biomedical and Astronomical Signal Processing Frontiers Workshop (BASP 2019) (Villars-sur-Ollon, Switzerland, February 3-8), p. 75.